Prisoner Containment

Safety is key in emergency vehicles. The protection of both the officers and prisoner must be considered in the design.

Miller Communication offers the latest in prisoner containment solutions. We carry partitions and transportation seating solutions from Setina. The partitions, which are installed between the front and back seat, are constructed of a steel framework. They offer space-saving design that contour to the seat for maximum leg room. This prevents injury and ensures that the prisoner cannot access the guns in the vehicle. Designs are available to divide the back seat for prisoner containment and canine transport.

We also offer Advanced Prisoner Transport Seating Design which offer space, security and ease of use. Choose from OEM replacement style or a precision fit seat cover design. Both options create an OEM factory appearance in your vehicle. Add a center pull seat belt system and avoid the need to reach over the prisoner when buckling him in the vehicle. Our SmartBelt system has a signaling system that alerts the officer if the buckle is open.

Let Miller Communications help you design the safest prisoner containment system for your emergency vehicles.